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I don’t believe in doing business the client-contractor kind of way. For me, that equals old school, top down management and framed, stiff relationships in which I can’t imagine both parties of the transaction being truly happy. I believe in a personal approach.

I don’t need a bankaccount with a million euro’s, nor dollars. What I do need is to be doing what I love. I believe by doing that, I will be able to live the way I love to live.

I believe in collaborating in a win-win situation. Which, in my opinion, only happens when both parties are acting out of personal love for something or someone. Work with full engagement, without compromise. Work for the things you love and the word itself will disappear. So let's get personal! Allow us to connect and make room to create things that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day.

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"If you want to work with an open, personal and approachable photographer who thinks with you AND for you, I'm your girl."

T: 06 1063 1684
E: contact@karenvangilst.com


"We have been using Karen's fast en productive creative skills at our brainstormsessions for a while now and it has been a blast. She is such an energetic and patient person, always listening to ideas from others and really trying to bring those idea's to the next level. She has no  problem with onderstanding complex communication problems and is always striving for a clever, crossmedial and positive concept." - Caspar Bouhof (Below Enemy Lines)

"Ik vond dat je voor een hele relaxte sfeer zorgde waardoor we ons allemaal goed op ons gemak voelde. Je had een aantal ideeën waardoor we gericht te werk konden. En je merkte dat je het leuk vond om te doen (wat ik persoonlijk wel belangrijk vindt). Al met al vond ik het vooral leuk dat je zo enthousiast was en dat je met ons concept hebt rekening gehouden en er op voort hebt geborduurd. Uiteraard heeft dit ook geresulteerd in een te gekke foto." - Wietse Voermans