"I don’t want to hear music, I want to feel it."
- Jan van Duikeren (trumpet)

Running: Your cheatin’ heart. James Brown

Sports are a big part of my life, mainly running. I need it to build resistance against my asthmatic bronchitis, but also to clear my head. Since I bought a heart rate meter I know running seems to be good for my head but less for the rest of my body. So I try to find the best compromise. However, when I hear songs like Your Cheatin’ Heart by James Brown with the Loui Bellson Big Band (With Ray Brown on bass and Maceo Parker on tenor!), the breaks are off and in only half an hour I’m totally exhausted. For a little change I play Live in Dallas or Live in Paris. Also great records to listen to when your cooking by the way, or racing a car above 120 km an hour.

Practice: Ryan Kisor - The end of a love affair.

Sometimes I’ve just had it with my own ideas and vocabulary. At those times it’s a joy to listen to Ryan Kisor. A crazy good trumpet player with a good sound and fresh idea’s in tradition of Woody Shaw, Tom Harrel en Freddie Hubbard. It’s no music to listen to during the dishes or turning in your taxes but it is with some good headphones on, volume 10, on repeat and my trumpet within reaching distance.

Soul: Donny Hathaway- Everything is Everything.

I don’t want to hear music, I want to feel it. Donny does that for me. Always. This mans voice and musicality, and such a sad ending. He was also a good orchestrator. I love the whole arrangement in this song. And the rest of the record for that matter. I believe a listened to this record for half a year in my car and I just started playing it again.


Stevie Wonde’s Lately, Sinatra Live at the Saints, Oscar Peterson featuring Clark Terry with Brotherhood of Man Clifford Brown’s solo on Confirmation, Miles Davis’ You’re my everything, Quincy Jones’ arrangement on I can’t stop loving you. D’Angelo live in Montreux, They ar just things that right, however you look at it.

Awareness: ‘Jarig’ - Raymond van het Groenewoud

Everyday I’m grateful for what I have and I try never to take things for granted. But when I heard the song ‘Jarig’ or Raymond van het Groenewoud it was nighttime and I was driving my car near Hardewijk, some days before the first birthday of my son. There couldn’t have been a better moment for that song. It hit me really hard, I won’t ever forget it.

In a short amount of time Jan van Duikeren played 18 times in Ziggodome (Amsterdam) with the Special Request Horns. For Marco Borsato, Golden Earring and Racoon. And every morning his alarm goes of early to greet his best friend, his 3 year old son. The conclusion of our conversation: You can do everything if you want it bad enough. Oh, and I almost forgot the repetitions, meetings and concerts with is own quartet JvD4, band FINGERPRINT, the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, Candy Dulfer, Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw and so on… and so on.. #highonlife


"And, if I had to choose, I’d choose the song ‘Goodbye to love’." - Stephanie Francke (saxophone)

In love: Please don’t stop - Richard Bona


A SONG FOR ANXIETY: Friend Tonight – Briana Marela 

With friends over: Never will I marry - Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderly.

In a happy mood: There’s hope - India Arie.

I LOVE India Arie!

In a melancolical mood: Goodbye to love, the carpenters

Actually, this whole record is sentimental for me. I turned the whole thing gray! And, if I had to choose, I’d choose the song ‘Goodbye to love’.

Party! Never too much - Luther Vandross

This song makes me really happy!

traveling: Nash Lontano - Christian wallumrod ensemble

This music is really contemplative. Perfect for watching the earth from a plane. (Unfortunately nowhere to be found on the internet.)

She was winner of the Erasmus Jazzprice in 2012 (and public favourite), she is launching her second album ‘Ripples’ in collaboration with ‘Zennes’ records. Which I shot the cover of. Her music is known by her storytelling compositions. ‘Ripples’ takes you to her hometown in Zeeland (South-Holland) and makes a field trip to new York.Stephanie Francke Quartet consists of: Stephanie Francke on saxophone, Koen Schalkwijk on piano, Guus Bakker on bass and Niek de Bruijn on drums.